Today September 17, 2021

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Poor Value 3 bet on Flop? Online 0.02/0.05 No Limit Holdem 5 Player Cashgame : poker

Before this hand, I had played 1 pot where I called villain’s raise on the button from the blinds and check-raised bluffed his c bet on the flop. Villain folded. My read on him was that he was a slightly aggressive tag that didn’t handle aggression well himself.

SB: $5.00

BB (Villain): $6.03

UTG: $5

UTG +1 (Hero): $4.28

Button: $5.43

Preflop ($0.07):

Hero is UTG +1 with Kd Jd.

UTG folds. Hero raises to $0.15. 2 folds. BB calls.

Flop ($0.37) Kh Jc 9d (2 players):

Villain checks. Hero bets $0.16. Villain raises to $0.55. Hero 3 bets to $1.70. Villain folds.

I felt as if I may have played this hand poorly, and I did not get enough value out of top 2. I normally like to play very aggressively as a default, but I felt like me being too aggressive in this spot made me miss out on getting more value with a strong hand. What mistakes do y’all think I made here? Thanks!




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