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Pokerstars question about accounts : poker

Dear community,

Recently I wanted to create a Pokerstars account and upon creation I realised I already had one on another email. For me this is not important since this other account is never used anymore ( I forgot about it, used it years ago) so I issued a closing of the account. On this old account only playmoney (fakemoney) was used ( I think I installed the mobile game back then) and no ID was veryfied whatsoever.

I want to play seriously on the new account with actual money, but I am a bit scared that once I win money and want to withdraw, Pokerstars might see the old account and think I have malicious intentions with two accounts. Altough I am not sure how they would link these two accounts to each other (maybe IP) I was wondering if anyone might know if my worries are unnecessary or if i need to do something.
(For example explain situation to support, but it is stated that multiple accounts are not allowed, so they might block both accounts then.)




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