Today September 21, 2021

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House game advice : poker

I just got back into poker about a month ago and have been playing predominantly online. Ill play lose buy in cash games like 10$ for like 5$ tournaments. Last week i got invited to a 1/1 house game and min buy in was 50. I was excited to finally play in person and the higher stakes werent a bigger deal to me since i was doing alright online. As the night goes on i see that these players are obviously better than when i played online and are all raising pretty hard and i constantly see myself folding and playing way too tight. A few times i folded having a middle pair that ended up winning the hand and then when i would be in the same situation later id end up losing with a top pair. Tonight im going to the same place with 3 of the same people as last time and then some new players. Basically what i am asking is how to i be less nervous and learn to play less tight? I have zero problem losing the money because im not too broke rn but just the idea of losing seems to crowd my thinking when i comes to in person. I worry that these players think theyre better than me and will end up trying to bully me but i am totally up for the fight and proove them wrong. Do you guys have any tips for me? Please dont tell me not to go because quitting is not how ill get better.




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