Today April 16, 2021

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Losing streak… getting worse and more bad luck : poker

Ive tilted at how much im losing… I put in 200$ American this weekend from Friday sat and sun hoping to play win some tourneys or be in the ITM…

I’ve lost and got bad beats in ALL my tournaments this is the worst run I’ve ever experienced… I’ve played over 15 tournaments and I get cooler or bad beat with fuckers river catching. I get AA just to be beat by QQ with river beat… I’ve even been 1 away from the money and I got AA just to be beat by some fucker with pocket 8s catching a 8 on the flop.. ive lost all $200 in tournaments with bullshit unbelievable luck.

I consider myself a decent/good player I don’t play like a retard… and yet this weekend was fucking terrible… it feels fucking rigged..

Jesus anybody run bad and have shit losing stories streaks? I need to feel better




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