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Poker pros/vets, how should i play at this certain table? It is very weird because they play very weird. This is a funny situation, and i need your advice, thanks in advance :) : poker

So, i have a Poker group where we play from time to time. And the level is so low, i also started out with them, so i also played like this at start.

The table, does not do any pre flop raising, it is so weird. Preflop is basically, “you want to play the big blind or not?” Which is so weird, because after a bit of experience (i am still bad lol) i know that u must protect ure hands with preflop raising to not go multiway where someone hits his 10/4 fullhouse at the flop. They even get angry when someone raises pre flop they say like “dude wtf show us the flop” hahaha

The table itself is very splashy i would say, there is no nit. Someone has two pair? They calling you. They dont give a fuck if your vibe is flush/fullhouse. They will call u. Bluffing is also hard, if they have absolute air like 7 high they will fold.

My question is now, how should i play my

Bad hands (10/4 off suit for example) ? Medium hands (9/10 suited in position for example)? Solid hands (pocket 10/10 with medium position) ? Monster hands (A/A, A/K suited etc) ?

I somehow think if i have even a shit hand like 7/4 offsuit hand i should limp right? Because i get so see the flop for a BB, or is the disciplined fold better?

What also confuses me lets say i pick up aces, should i reraise them like crazy? Like 12-14 BB

Bro if i raise 4 BB all will call, it is so weird, but i think if i raise very high all will fold.

Also something important, they dont track your betting patern, you could play the whole game with the self strategy and it would work. Yes if u fold 10 hands in a row preflop they will get it, but like what happens on the river etc they dont track that.

For the resume, most of them dont even know the 1×1 Poker Hand strenght. They think that J7 UTG suited is a solid hand LoL. And they dont know anything about positions.

My fellow crushers , give me a strategy, i think with the right play i can dominate. Thank you




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