Today April 13, 2021

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How do i become less fearable? I dont want to be a nit. It makes me angry. : poker

Listen, i am gonna be honest i am a beginner, i know basics like positions, hand strengh etc, but i have a problem, i overvalue opponents way to much.

Lets say i have AQ and get in, against one guy, i even have a besser position then him.

Flop comes A/7/4 all hearts, lets say we had no pre flop action which could justify a A/A,K/K,A/K holding of him.

The logical reg would say now, i have top pair with a nice kicker lol, i take him to value town.

And i am just feared

What if he has, 4/4, 7/7, 7/4 (ok even i wouldnt believe that.) what if he has 2 hearts?

The problem then starts lets say he raises me aggreively at the flop, and in old times i laied down this top pair.

So my question is what thought makes it more logical to see your good hands as “good”?

I dont want to be a nit man.

Sorry for bad england.




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