Today April 14, 2021

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First Casino Trip : poker

Made my first casino trip this past weekend to Cantebury Park in Minnesota. Brought $500 with me to play Limit $1/2. Original Buy in was for $220 and the night started off so hot. I had trip Qs twice, trip 6s, and with AA I shoved after flop and hit runner runner full house to beat a flopped straight. By this time I was clearly up a lot. But, I let my biggest flaw get to me once again. Usually when I’m up big I start playing more pots and not folding as much. I was playing hands like K9 Q9 from the button and just wasn’t hitting shit so slowly losing my $. Then later I had AA preflop and flop comes 10-4-7 …. I bet and one guy reraises so I reraised him until we were all in, he had 10-4…pretty unlucky . So I bought back in and did not have the same luck I had earlier . Long story short I did not come out of the casino after about a 7 hour session with profit. I am a 19 year old so I know I have so much to learn, but the night was still very fun I just wish I would’ve known to cash out or play very very tight once up big. Figured I’d share! Peace




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