Today April 17, 2021

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Earn $17.94 for hitting level 50 on the WSOP app (Free Offer) : poker

I thought I’d post this short guide on how to earn $17.94 from the WSOP app for free for all the value hunters and bankroll builders out there.

This costs absolutely nothing to complete, if you have any knowledge of poker your find it very easy to chip up and hit level 50 within a day like myself.

Requirements : A Smart Phone

Step 1. Register on the GPT site gain here : Gain.GG

Step 2. Click earn on the left panel and Navigate to the Adgate offer wall. Click on this wall and scroll until you find the WSOP offer for mobile.

Step 3. Download the app through the tracking link and simply grind until level 50. Offer is paid instantly upon completion to your gain account that can then be instantly withdrawn.

If you do run out of chips you can visit this site for hundreds of free links to chips.

This site also has offers for Pokerstars, 888Poker, PartyPoker and Unibet that can be used with in conjunction of starting offers to maximise your value even more.




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