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Opponent puts me in a difficult spot on the turn

I was playing a 5/10 home game with a few friends of mine. Pretty casual, we all bought in for like 1k, drank a few beers as we played, re-bought a few times if we busted out – like I say, it was very relaxed. I was playing pretty tight since a lot of the guys I play with are kinda spewy and have leaks in their game I thought I could exploit. Anyway, here’s an interesting hand I wondered if I could run by you guys to have a look at my play.

I have a 1.8k stack at this point, BB is deepstacked at ~2.3k. Anyway, it folds around to the cutoff who raises it up to $30. Hero on the button looks down at 5d7h. I have position but I don’t want to flat because my equity isn’t that good if I get called multiway, so I 3bet squeeze to $90. SB folds, BB 4bets to $175, CO calls. Some brief history on BB: his range can be very wide and his play is far from GTO-optimal – prone to spewing, barrelling hands without blockers, and getting himself into nasty situations in big pots.

At this point I’m getting pretty good odds to call. I don’t want to be 3bet folding very often because it makes me exploitable, and I think I can outplay my opponents post-flop. Obviously I consider 5betting but even if my 5bet range should be ahead of BB he’s spewy enough to make the call so I elect to peel it off and let’s take a flop.

Flop ($535) 6d As 9d BB bets $200, CO folds.

Analysis: BB betting out of position is weird and bad, but he has lost a few pots to me tonight and seems to want to run me over instead of me aggressing on him. I briefly consider letting my hand go, but my hand doesn’t have much fold equity and I have very good implied odds against BB since hitting the 8 will likely allow me to stack him with my unexpected straight, plus I have a back door flush draw and block 78s. Loads of broadway cards in BB’s range didn’t hit the flop and are just betting for protection. This bet size is really suspicious, I don’t think he bets so small if he really is nutted here. I decide to peel it off, and let’s take a turn.

Turn ($935) 7d BB bets $400.

The line BB is taking doesn’t really make sense. BB is cbetting out of position on the flop but continues betting big on the turn when the flush draw gets there? I tank trying to decide what he’s up to – I’m somewhat drunk at this point, so my mind isn’t working so well. A lot of BB’s 4bet range missed the flop and will fold to aggression, while I block any of his hands that make the straight, so I’m safe from it. I conclude that his story doesn’t check out and elect to peel off the re-raise, bluffing the diamond draw. The board has coordinated for me, and I’m ready to drop some heat on BB. Even if my raise gets called, I still have the gut shot straight draw and flush draw, so my implied odds are through the roof. BB decides to peel it off, and let’s take a river.

River ($1735) Jc BB bets $725

All in all, a really good hand for my continuing range and I’m shocked he doesn’t check. Neither of my draws get there, sure, but there’s no way he’s 4betting 810s, so he hasn’t made the straight. Really, what does BB have that I’m not folding out here with aggression? It’s a snap jam except for the fact that the Jack gets there on the river so some of the broadway hands that my one pair was ahead of don’t get there anymore. On the other hand, my range is well ahead of his – I don’t have AA in my 4bet call range, sure, but I could easily have A10s or something that’s way ahead of him. In the back of my mind I consider flatting and playing pot control but I know that I can always rebuy if I end up with a bad beat here and my implied odds are great if BB is bluffing. My hand is essentially a very strong bluff catcher at this point – the question is, was BB betting as a bluff or for value? A lot of strong pocket pairs like QQ are way behind the higher end of my value range, so if I jam I’m heavily representing Ax maybe on the diamond draw. The nice part about shoving is that it polarizes my range and puts BB in a really tough spot to call. I’ve already played pretty gutsy on the hand and it would be a shame to give up now, so I decide to raise jam my entire stack (~$1100). BB thinks about it for a while, but we’re both in the mood to play a 3k pot so he peels off the call and we look it up.

I think my line is pretty solid throughout the streets though it’s definitely a little exploitative in places. One notable plan I considered was jamming on the turn instead of the river to put BB in a tough spot. Gunna refrain from posting results for now so that there can be unbiased discussion on the hand for a bit before I post em. Lmk if you guys like my line and thought process throughout.




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