Today April 16, 2021

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Live 5/10 HA

First time playing in years so thought I’d share two interesting hands I had last night. It was a very splashy game, almost every hand was straddled to upwards of 100-150. I tightened up and played the top of my range, mixed in some bluffs in spots and built up to the chip lead at this point of the game.

First Hand:
Hero is in SB (4000) and looks down at K2cc. Folds around to CO (1000) who makes it $40 to go. Button/Villain (1700) calls, hero calls.
Flop: 9 J 2 cc
Hero Checks, CO checks, Villain bets $125. At this point in the game I was at the table for 2 hours, Villain was involved in a lot of hands, I noticed he loved raising/betting almost every river heads up regardless of what he had; competent player but seemed to be too eager to try to bluff, and might have been on tilt as he was stuck for 2-3K and straddled the previous 4 hands. Hero calls, CO Folds.
Turn: 6h.
Hero checks, Villain bets $150. Hero calls. River 4 completing the rainbow.
Hero Checks, Villian bets $400.

Hand 2:
Early in the session, Hero (1400) on Button with 67hh. Folds around to Hero who makes it $65 to go. SB/Villain calls BB calls.
Flop: 5 Q 3 chh
Villain checks, BB checks, Hero bets $115. Villain calls, BB Folds.
Turn 9c.
Villain Checks, Hero Checks back.
River 2d.
Villain Bets $200.

Read on Villain was trending towards fish, saw him go to showdown once with J4o from the small blind in a 3bet pot, pretty much the only info I had on him. I did see him fold to a raise on the turn heads up on a wet board 2 hands before.

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