Today April 17, 2021

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Ignition withdrawal issue : poker

I deposited 2k into ignition not realizing if i rejected the bonus i still couldn’t withdraw any money at all without first wagering the entire amount i deposited. I’ve been with them for years so it was weird to be quoted an anti money laundering law when they refused my withdrawal.

What I can’t figure out is how to see how much I have left to wager before I can withdraw again. When i attempt a withdraw it shows me how much is remaining but that’s the only way I’ve found. Chat support just pointed me the transaction tab but I think that info should be displayed somewhere. Also the ‘available to withdraw’ heading shouldn’t be there if it isn’t indeed available.

My question is, what counts as wagering? If I sit at a cash game with 100 dollars have i wagered that or is it just what i put in the middle each time? If I win the hand does that still count? If i bet all in and someone folds what did I wager there? Does anyone know how this is tracked?




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