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Question about pocket pairs from a noobie : poker

Hey guys, Say I get 99 in UTG in 6max 5NL. I lead out for $0.15 – my standard (so blinds don’t get a free flop and i don’t want to limp and look weak).

I get 3bet big by the CO (he bets $0.52). Do I call and hope I hit my set every 1/8 times? Or do I fold because he is showing so much strength?

I know this probably has a lot to do with his tendencies and how he’s been playing, but this is 4 hands into the session and playing on Ignition so no previous history on players.

I know implied odds are good if I can hit as he’s probably got a half decent hand, but pocket pairs feel like too much of a gamble sometimes. Should I be only playing that in later positions or am I losing out on value by folding 99 UTG to a 3bet?

Thoughts and opinions please and many thank in advance!




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