Today April 13, 2021

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Can I fold nut flush on an unpaired board with a straight flush available? : poker

Last night I grinded for 9 hours to turn a $50 stack into $500.

Game was 6 ring cash game online, $.50/1.00. I was on button with $500 effective with KQs. Two limpers to me, and I raised to $3. Only the SB calls. Flop was A37 all spades. Checks to me, and i bet 8, and he calls. Turn was 4s. Checks to me and I bet $20, and he calls. River was 2s. Checks to me, I bet $45 and he goes all in to cover me. I call and he has Kh 5s for the river river straight flush.

Looking back on it, what could he possibly jam with? I have both the K and Q, and he would only call with anything worse. Furthermore, he was a tight player.

Im trying to turn poker into a living.. can a pro fold this?




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