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Tough situation on a mid-stakes rebuy tournament with AQo : poker

UTG: Dealt to Hero (29BB) [ Ac, Qs ]

Hero raises [2.5BB]

Everyone folds

Villain (12BB) at the Big Blind calls

Pot is about 6.6BB

Flop: 2c, 5s, 6s

Villain (10BB) checks

Hero (26.5BB) checks

Turn: 2c, 5s, 6s, 3c

Villain bets 50% (3.3BB)

Hero calls

Pot: 13BB

River: 2c, 5s, 6s, 3c, Jc

Villain (6.5BB) bets 50% (All-in)

Hero calls

I did not have my HUD on, so I can only describe the Villain. They were playing kind of wacko and LAG and honestly a bit spewy. They were on their second bullet on a rebuy tournament. I figured they were trying to get a quick double-up because the Late Registration was closing soon. So I thought that if he had any Ace, it was going in preflop, along with any Jack that’s JTs+. Don’t know which 4s they were calling pre-flop as well.

I thought that this was a justifiable hero call (at least a good percentage of the time) against that type of player, with me having the Ac as well. Too many suited connectors with Spades they might have could have taken a stab at the pot and any pair or two-pair will usually check down the river. At least that’s how I saw it during the hand.

I’m having some trouble pinning down the ranges of the Villains at the table and was wondering if that thought-process is logical or if there’s anything that I might be leaving out or misinterpreting in my analysis.





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