Today April 17, 2021

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Decent 1-2 NLH Run After Set Over Ended My $60 Tourney : poker

Bought in to my local poker room’s $60 Friday nighter right as late reg closed. I’m getting some playable hands, double up relatively quickly, only to run into set over set on the flop. Of course, my shove gets called. 888 over 444, and the two outer doesn’t land. I have $140 left, so I decided to give 1-2 NLH a shot.

Well, that doesn’t go to well for me either at the beginning, I’m all the way down to $60 before too long. Fortunately, calling off some smaller stack all-ins in position works out for me I grind my way back up to ~$150.

Then, I end up hitting the high hand for the room, 9999/J (I wake up with 99). I don’t scoop a huge pot due to being hear up with a smaller stack, but the $150 high hand makes it worth it. I pocket the cash, and keep playing my stack.

After that, things picked up for me. I had a couple of scenarios where shoving on the floor with top top payed me off. Which, normally doesn’t happen for me.

So, after walking in the poker room with $200, I ended up leaving with $615. It’s not much, but a 3x is a good day in my book. Just felt like sharing the good news with you folks. 🙂




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