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Weekly /r/Poker BBV Thread : poker

Hey, a new User here. I posted a question and the Autobot said that it’s waiting for Mod approval but recommends me to post on the daily thread, so here I go.

I got a question, hope someone can help out

So, I was playing a game yesterday with my friends and a dispute came up.

[Some Context]: We are playing 5-card Poker, Texas Hold’em.

Alright, now, when the Turn and River are revealed, what comes up is something very rare, 5 clubs. Ikr, the Flop, Turn, and River all clubs. Now, I don’t have any clubs so I fold. However, my friends are bettin big because ik for sure they have at least one club.

After the final bets, everyone reveals their cards, and not to my surprise, everyone has at least one club, but, my other friend, let’s call him Player 1 has two clubs. Player 1 has a 7-card flush. Player 2 has a 7 club and Player 3 has a 4 club. Now, a sort of argument begins and Player 1 says he automatically wins because he has a 7-card flush, but, the cards he has are a 6 club and a 3 club. Player 2 says he won because his 7 club beats Player1’s 6 clubs.

Another thing to add, Player 2 also adds that this is 5-card poker which means that even if someone pulled a 7-card flush if another player also gets a flush but has a higher card count, they win.

So, who is in the right?

Thanks guys.




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