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PIO Solver question

Can someone familiar with the program explain how to configure preflop ranges? My ranges keep coming back with 100% open in the first action. On the preflop tab I've tried the following actions.

OOP range: all hands

IP range: all hands

Money in pot:

OOP: 0

IP: 0

Dead money: 15 (1.5bb)

root>raise 25/fold

>raise 80/fold

>raise 200/fold/call

>raise all in/fold/call


I'm trying to get UTG ranges with the MP/CO/BTN playing a 3B or fold strategy. I think the problem is that I'm setting up the OOP/IP money in the pot incorrectly. Should I add a limp option to the root? Maybe put OOP money in pot at 2.5 bb?

Every video that I watch only discusses situations where OOP is either the BB or SB.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what configuration to input for preflop or useful videos/resources for navigating the software more effectively?

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