Today April 11, 2021

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แทงบาคาร่า หวย สล็อต ยิงปลา

$5/$10/$20 spot vs TAG opp. Thunder Valley, CA

Opponent is a very solid TAG. There might be a picture of him under TAG in the dictionary. He plays few hands but attempts to win every hand he plays and is completely fearless at these stakes. THIS IS A VERY ACTIVE DEEP $5/$10 ($20 Mandatory Straddle GAME W/ MANY 3 BETS, LIMP RE-RAISES AND THE LIKE.

Hand #1:

$4300 effective
2 tight limpers, I limp button w/ Qd10d, sb folds, OOP makes it $120 in bb, everyone calls.

Flop Qs Jc 8s, Villain checks (which is very peculiar). 2 tight players check, I elect to check.

Turn 6h Villain checks, one of the tight limpers makes a gutless $200 bet, I make it $650, and now Villain makes it $1800. Gutless player folds and I, I, I, CALL (this is classic Villain if he had any hand or picked up a draw on the turn).

River 7d Villain says quietly, "wow" and then says "all in"



I should post the results to hand 1 because it might effect this hand but this hand is about 4 hours later. $6000 effective

Again there are limps, I limp button w/ 55, Villain makes it $120 out of bb. 2 callers (including me).

Flop As Ts 5s. everyone checks to me, I bet $350, Villain flats (peculiar), everyone folds.

turn Jc Villain checks , I check

River Jh, Villain leads $1000, I make It $2500, He shoves.


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