Today September 26, 2021

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We turn the nut flush draw in a 3bet pot … and fold? : poker

We are 580 deep with V at 2-5. This is V’s first 3bet in the past 2 hours, but he opens pretty light, and everyone else at the table was only opening TT+, AK, so he hasn’t really gotten many chances yet.

7 handed, we open AcQc utg to 20, folds to V in SB who makes it 80, and we defend.

(160) Flop is 9c9s7d, V downbets to 40, and I call.

(240) Turn is the 6c. V bets 225, and has 235 left in his stack. I definitely think he’d pay me off on club rivers, but I probably pay him off when I hit a Q and run into an overpair, or hit an Ace and run into AK. I think nearly potting it on the turn is pretty strong, and I block lots of his bluffs.

I ended up folding, he didn’t show. Terrible or nahhh?




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