Today July 30, 2021

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แทงบาคาร่า หวย สล็อต ยิงปลา

If you want to make big money by playing bums, switzerland is a paradise. : poker

So like any country any country has 2 things

  • forms in which poker games happen (casino,home game, illegal games in a club or something.

  • ure average player (in switzerlands case it are mostly, jugos/albanians who are gambling addicts and 50+ in years old

So what do i do, i am myself a okayish player, any good online player would kill me.

But i am making good money, in average around 30BB a hour just by playing bums. We play 5/10.

I go to this underground games where i can spot the oldheads who are addicted.

I play like a nit, i wait till i get a goodhand preflop, then i 3bet etc, and some of this addicts will call me with trash like 10/8 suited. Thats it. U are basically just absuing the impatience of the addicts.

Lets say you are a very good player who can milk bums even post flop? Jesus christ ure even on a other level.




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