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Hard spot with KK deep in a tournament vs the chip leader : poker

I got a really troublesome hand yesterday during a bounty tournament I was really deep in (about 6500 entries, 30 players left, I was currently 6th). I just wanted to know your opinion about what would be the best approach.

I am on the BB with KhKc (55BB). The chip leader of the table (90BB) limps UTG, and everyone folds to me (2nd chip leader). I don’t really think he his a good player, but I have not really any idea what could be his range here. He got some of his stack by being pretty lucky and I guess he could be pretty wide even opening UTG.

Anyway, he called me and the flop comes AsKdQs. I flop a set and I am thrilled but this is a dangerous board. I bet 4BB and Villain raises 11BB.
I was really confused, What could he have here except JT or AA that he would have decided to play like this ? Could he really have any two pairs (principally AQ) when not raising preflop ? I don’t think he really had that often a flush draw given that he cannot have overcards and I haven’t seen him very aggressive yet.

I went all-in directly, thinking that I would still have equity anyway (except against AA). But being so far in the tournament and still covering the rest of the table, would it be better to just call and fold the river if I don’t hit a full house ? Or would it be too nitty when I am clearly at the top of my range like this ?

Anyway he actually had JTo and I busted on this hand, this felt bad but I honestly don’t know if I could avoid it. Do you feel it was a punt or just a cooler?

Got still a decent amount of money from this so not too disappointed overall, but it could have been much bigger if I was able to get out of this hand.

Good luck on your games !




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