Today September 26, 2021

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Dumb hand with KK : poker

Ignition 5NL Zone

Preflop: Hero ($5.52) opens LJ 3x with KhKs, SB ($10.47) calls, everyone else folds.

Flop ($0.34): 8c4s2s. SB checks, hero bets $0.12, SB raises to $0.34, hero calls.

Against BB, I think this is mostly check or bet big (might check back AA/KK in particular balance). My guess is someone who flats the SB can also have a bunch of random overcard-type hands, so I’m fine with inducing a loose call from those types of hands.

Turn (~$1): 2h. SB checks, hero bets $0.74, SB calls.

When SB slows down, I tend to think they are more merged with a top pair or 99-55 type of hand. This particular hand maybe better to check back and let them hang themself if they have garbage, but I got greedy since I don’t see people making a play on the river too often given the action.

River (~$2.45): SB checks, hero bets $1.20, SB raises to $3, hero folds.

Feel like this is a bad bet, I don’t actually have any of the nuts here (basically just 88, occasionally A2s or 44) but I feel like I have to get some value from some of the aforementioned hands. As played, folding here is pretty exploitable but the only hands I can beat are flush draws (some of which I block) and maybe some overplayed 86s?




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