Today September 22, 2021

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Bluffing and giving up : poker

Ignition 5NL Zone

Preflop: CO ($4.20) opens to $0.15, only hero calls in BB with KhQs.

Flop (~$0.31): Ts4c2s. Hero checks, CO bets $0.16, hero raises to $0.58, CO calls.

Turn (~$1.45): Jc bringing it backdoor flush draw. Hero bets $1.06, CO calls.

River (~$3.55): 5c. Hero checks.

I kind of forgot about CO’s weird stack size (there’s only a 2/3-pot bet left on the river which might not be great for polarization). So sizing is a mess. As played though:

Think this is one of those flops where I should play back more often, but this particular hand has some showdown value so maybe plays better as a call (has ~38% equity vs. a standard CO opening range). Maybe better to bluff something like QJo with spade which could fold out some dominating hands, and a few front/backdoor flush/combo draws. These would be balanced out by 44, 22, and occasionally something like AT.

Turn isn’t great for the thin value raises, but if we slow down with our turned top pairs, I think we can still continue with most of the flopped bluffs (many of which are now combo draws with 13 outs), can maybe fold out some underpairs.

River isn’t great for bluffing, but I don’t think I need to be too worried about what opponent has here? (If they have many backdoor flushes, then they can be wider in general). If we’re deeper, I think I bluff KQo with a club and blast off with sets and backdoor flushes.




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