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AITA for tanking at short-handed tables because I want them to fill up? : poker

I noticed DNegs getting heat for tanking against Doug Polk, and I can absolutely see why. I’m not sure if what I’m doing at 6max is any different, even though I’m doing it to make more money (and not just to be a bad sport).

Here’s the thing: I am trying to beat 6max games, not win heads-up battles. When I run hot the table frequently thins out. I get pushed out of my comfort zone when there’s fewer players, but it is especially bad when it gets down to heads-up because I suck at HUNL. I want to keep playing deep stacked, though, so I run the clock on every decision, hoping the table fills back up or the villain gets bored and leaves, so I get to move to a new table and keep my stack.

I also do this sometimes with any number of players if someone to my right leaves because I want that seat filled. I want to get more free cards and pay fewer blinds, right? Plus, I get position on the new players if they post blinds, which they frequently do.

Am I just the worst? Keep in mind, I’m playing at ignition so “tanking” means taking 40-60 seconds per decision, maximum. I am pretty sure some other sites let you take longer.




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